Source: Robot Dogs Now Walking Parks To Encourage Social Distancing!

So it seems that a creepy robot dog may be coming to a park near you soon. Only this dog, doesn’t have hair or a bark.

Created by Boston Dynamics, “Spot” is a robot dog that can run, unlock and open doors, pick itself up, operate in a variety of weather and challenging terrain, and even dance. It has started patrolling the River Plains section of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park in Singapore.

As part of a two-week trial, the robot dog was fitted with cameras to patrol the park and broadcast a recorded message “reminding park visitors to observe safe distancing measures.” The government has assured people the dogs “will not be able to track or recognize specific individuals, neither will it collect any personal data.”

During the trial Spot is accompanied by a human officer and, if successful, the “dog” is up for deployment in other parks. NParks is also deploying 30 drones to police parks and nature areas.